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Local Expertise. Uncompromising Quality.

At Arnett Custom Homes, we’re proud to say we’ve worked hard to stand apart from our competition. The latest home designs, highest quality materials and most skilled craftsmen are just the beginning of what makes us different. And we believe in transparent, candid communication at every phase of the process, respecting both your budget and your desired timeline.

★★★★★“A SEAMLESS AND STRESS-FREE EXPERIENCE The entire Arnett team is comprised of professionals who went above and beyond to deliver expectational services and products. Travis's attention to detail and consistent communication provided a seamless and stress-free experience. I strongly recommend Arnett Custom Homes for any build and remodel needs!”



Building a custom home is a large undertaking. In this guide, we teach you how to build the custom home you want while loving the process - how to get started, timelines, change orders, financing, warranties, and more. Take a look and contact us to schedule your Idea Session. We’re here to help!

Light and bright living room featuring high ceilings and a custom marble fireplace, Charleston SC

Custom Home Building

Your Lot or Ours
Design. Build. Enjoy.

A unique custom home is the ultimate manifestation of your personality. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in your house, from large design ideas to the tiniest details.

Revered as one of the best custom home builders in Charleston SC, Arnett Custom Homes makes the home building process collaborative and enjoyable, where you'll learn how a new house is built from the ground up as well as get the ideal dream home perfectly suited to your specific needs.



In this step-by-step home renovation guide, we sit down with the experts to discuss how they recommend solving luxury lifestyle challenges and delivering a dream home. Whether you’re planning a large-scale luxury house renovation, thinking about an addition, or considering an entire house overhaul, this guide walks you through all the stages of a home renovation project so that you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to get started.

Spa-like bathroom featuring custom tile and a floating tub, Charleston SC

Luxury Home Remodeling

Interior or Exterior
Partial or Complete
Home Remodeling

Arnett Custom Homes has the expertise to complete any major house makeover, no matter how complex or time-consuming. We would be delighted to talk with you about all of your options if you're considering a total home renovation.

Our team can assist you in envisioning the possibilities of restyled and repurposed areas, perfected fixtures and finishes, and expansions that enhance the value and livability of your property. And it may all be done without disrupting the integrity of the existing design.

Rear view of luxury oceanfront custom home with spectacular ocean views throughout, Charleston SC

Experience The Height Of Contemporary Coastal Living

Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline and the warm sun shining down on your face. That was the dream of our homeowners, and thanks to Arnett Construction, that dream is now a reality. We worked closely with our homeowners to create a custom home that perfectly suits their needs and wants. From the front entryway, you can see the spectacular ocean view through the windows. The natural light in the kitchen illuminates the custom countertops. The master bath is huge and full of custom features. And the real dream come true is the wrap around back porch that leads directly onto the beach. Thanks to our collaborative approach, our homeowners can enjoy their dream home every day.

★★★★★“AN EXCELLENT JOB FROM THE BEGINNING WITH A THOROUGH BID AND DETAILED COST ESTIMATE. Travis and his team recently built a house for my family on Johns Island. He did an excellent job from the beginning with a thorough bid and detailed cost estimate. He clearly delineated what was included in the bid. Once we got started, he worked quickly and efficiently to build the house and completed the project in approximately 7 months. We have been in the house for several months and are impressed with the overall quality. We are also pleased that Travis has been willing to address several small punchlist items that make the house even more enjoyable. Thanks to Travis, Michelle and his crew for job well done!”

20 Reasons to Trust
Arnett Custom Homes with your Dream Home

1. A 5-Star Experience From Beginning To End 

Our promise is to earn a 5-star review from our clients and everyone who has contact with Arnett Custom Homes before, during, and long after construction.

2. The Arnett Custom Homes Experience 

Through our proven process, The Collaborative Method, we can promise a 5-star experience for all. We:

  • Assemble a dynamic and knowledgeable collaborative team of industry experts
  • Engage a proven process of designing to your description of your style, taste, and needs through 5 Simple Steps
  • Execute the plan with the highest standards, with attention to time, budget, design, and craftsmanship
3. Our Top-Notch Team & Craftsmanship 

Arnett Custom Homes embraces the industry’s best products and materials, latest technologies, top-notch craftsmanship, and unique design elements to create your dream home.

4. Free Idea Session 

We invite you to schedule your complimentary Idea Session so we can learn more about you and your vision for your home.

5. We Are Ranked #1 On Houzz 

We are honored to be ranked #1 on in Charleston.

6. We Are A "Top Of The Market" Award Winner 

We received the ‘Top of Market’ Award, presented by Certified Luxury Builders, for our continued commitment to providing a 5-star experience to all clients.

7. We Are Dedicated To Quality 

We are devoted to creating unique, lifestyle residences that are driven by a focus on quality workmanship, high levels of client satisfaction, successful project execution, and strong core values.

8. We Make It Easy 

Arnett Custom Homes makes building a custom home easy - our team of experts are here to walk you through (and make sure you love) the home building process - from getting started, creating timelines, and changing orders to providing financing, warranties, and more.

9. We Are Hands-On 

It is very important to find a custom home builder who shares your values and vision. Creating your dream home is a hands-on process - from the layout and design, to your selections and finishes, our team handles everything so that you can sit back and relax.

10. You Are Our #1 Priority 

Communication is key and we keep you updated at every step. We’ll be continually responsive and attentive to your needs. Creating a residence to match you and your family's lifestyle and needs is Arnett Custom Homes' focus. It's what we do.

11. Our Industry-Leading Warranty 

Arnett Custom Homes’ commitment to you does not end at closing. Because we feel so confident about the performance and quality craftsmanship of our homes, we offer industry-leading warranties on every home.

12. We Customize To Fit Your Needs 

We offer inspired designs and customized space-planning solutions that radiate your personality while satisfying your needs and reflecting you and your family's lifestyle.

13. We Are Your Advocates 

We understand that construction projects can be intimidating for homeowners, so we act as your trusted advisers, advocates, and liaisons. We’ll demystify the process with transparent communication, clear processes, and unbiased advice.

14. One Word - Equity! 

Benefits of a newly built or recently renovated home instead of a used home. In one word, it’s called EQUITY!

15. A Realistic Build Time Estimate 

Our average build time from pouring the foundation to your move-in is approximately 6-12 months depending on size and scope. While your actual build time may be subject to weather delays, obtaining permits, availability of qualified trade partners, etc. Arnett Custom Homes’ expertise lends itself to keeping the build time to a realistic estimate. Also, as we progress through the 5 Simple Steps, we will be able to narrow that time frame even more.

16. Flexibility - Choose Your Own Land 

We provide the flexibility to choose the property that you want to build your home on. Bring your land to us or allow us to help you find that perfect site.

17. We Walk The Site With You 

We will assist you in selecting the location of your chosen home plan on your land, and discuss potential site considerations. After the Site Evaluation, you will receive plans showing the proposed location of your new home on your property.

18. Site Development Expertise 

Arnett Custom Homes is your partner along the way, helping determine your site development costs.

19. Project Completion On Time & On Budget 

We’ll keep your project on schedule and on budget, and keep you continually updated on our progress. You can move in and start enjoying life in your new home just as planned!

20. By Following The 5 Simple Steps, You'll Love Your Home! 

You Describe, We Draw / You Approve, We Build. Our proven process for getting you the home you want, on time and on budget, follows these steps:

STEP ONE: “Let's Talk”™
STEP TWO: “Storyboard Process”™
STEP THREE: “Rendering to Scale”™
STEP FOUR: “The Big Event”™
STEP FIVE: “Happily Ever After"™

Start Your Dream Home Journey With Our Helpful Guides!

We understand that building or renovating your custom home requires tackling a lot of new information. We've created a number of resources we hope you'll find informative and helpful as you research and set out on a journey to imagine designing and building your dream home.

We are often asked “How do I find a good local builder?”, “How much does it cost to build a house in Charleston SC?”, “How long does it take to build a house in South Carolina?” and “What does build on your lot mean?”. To address your questions and put your mind at ease, our guides cover topics such as how to hire a home builder, questions to ask a custom home builder before getting started, how to find a build on your lot home builder, how much does it cost to build a dream house, and more!

An Exquisite Luxury Home Journey

Inspired Living

We spend a lot of time considering all of the design aspects that go into creating a bespoke home for our customers. These flawlessly-designed homes are sure to serve as a catalyst to inspire your imagination, and ultimately make your dream home a reality.

Design Tailored to You

With the help of our professional design team, you can experience the same artistry of one of our award-winning homes from the day you move in.



A common question we get is, "How much does it cost to build a house?" In this guide, we provide an in-depth cost breakdown, identify the top 5 factors that influence overall custom home cost, and compare luxury standards, finishes and materials - everything you need to know in one guide!

Charleston Luxury Home Living

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A common question we get is, "How much does it cost to build a house?" In this guide, we provide an in-depth cost breakdown, identify the top 5 factors that influence overall custom home cost, and compare luxury standards, finishes and materials - everything you need to know in one guide!

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